About Us


Evergreen Ice-Cream is a wholesaler & distributor which was established more than 30 years ago.

Evergreen Ice-Cream provides chiefessays.net services to Cafes, Buffets, Catering Functions, School Canteens, Events, Hotels, Restaurants, Wedding Banquets.

Products and services include the provision of Mobile Hawkers, Popcorn Live, Candy Floss Live Station, Kacang Puteh Live Station, Fried Ice-Cream Live Station, Muah Chee Live Station , Steam Corn Live Station  , Steam Peanut Live Station , French Fries Live Station , Cheese Fries Live Station, Sausage Egg Roll Live Station , Hotdog Bun Live Station Tutu Kueh Live Station, Chicken Nuggets Live Station, Ice Popsicle Live Station, Balloon Subsequent, Roti Jala, Putu Pining , Otab, Satay, waffles, and many more.

We are Halal Certified. Some of our products are demonstrative speech ideas also currently certified by Health Promotion Board in Singapore.

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